How To:


Once you have logged in –

Click on Risk Management.

Click on ‘Complaints reporting and analyses.

You can click on ‘Complaints Process Map’ to see the steps of the complaints process.

A PDF will appear with the steps of the Complaints process. Just click on the X to leave the process map.

You can download and print off a paper version of the complaints form for completion by clicking on ‘Download Blank Paper Form’.

Click on the little printer icon or ‘File’ → ‘Print’ on the top left of the screen to print off the form.

To leave the PDF form click on the X in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Click on ‘New Complaint’ to record a new complaint.

Scroll down to reveal the rest of the complaints form.

Don’t forget to check the date and time of the receipt of the complaint as todays date and the current time will automatically appear.

Record the type of complaint e.g., verbal, written, etc. and the category of the complaint.

Record the complainant’s details.

Record the details of person who received the complaint.

Document the details of the complaint.

Where the complaint was resolved at the point of contact –tick yes box and record what was done to resolve the complaint.

Where the complaint was not resolved at the point of contact, record what is to happen next.

The PIC/Complaints Officer will complete the following sections of the form e.g., likelihood of recurrence, consequences, information regarding investigation carried out and action plan.

The PIC/Complaints Officer should also record the outcome f the complaint e.g. complaint is satisfied with outcome and complaint is closed or the complaint has been referred to an independent appeals person.

Click on Close to exit the complaint. The complaint will save automatically.

If the complaint is still open, you can view and edit/update this complaint in the future by clicking on ‘View Existing Open’.

If the complaint is closed, you can view (not edit/update) this complaint in the future by clicking on ‘View Closed Complaint’.

Click on Close to exit back to the Home page.