Change Group Permissions



Change Group Permissions

When you want to allow a user access to something, or restrict their access, you use Group Permissions

Each user is a member of a group, and their level of access depends on what has been decided by the administrator for that user group.

The options are:

Allowed Access Users in the user group are allowed to read, add and edit records.

Not Allowed Access The button for the feature will be disabled and the users in the user group will not have access at all.

This can also be changed later. To do this see the Help Files: ADDING A STAFF MEMBER and EDIT A STAFF MEMBER.

After login.

Click on Administration.

CLICK ON Group Permissions.

Choose a User group to edit.

You will then be shown the current permissions for each section of Care Monitor.

Chose a level of access: Allowed Access

Or Not Allowed Access.

When finished Click Close.

When finished editing group permissions, you will need to re-start Care Monitor for the permissions to take effect.

As an example

If you have a Care Assistant, the default settings are that they have access to Routine Daily Care, Activities, Staff Menu, Supervision Recording, Daily Event Log, About Me, Summary Record, Resident Diary, Documents, Terminal Care Plan, Upload Photos and Global Diary.

If you want the Care Assistant User Group to be allowed to view Assessments and Care Plans:

Make sure they have: Allowed Access to the Resident Care Menu and Read Only Access to Nursing Assessments.

With this access, they can look at all Assessments and Care Plans, including the Nursing Assessment Tools such as MMSE and Wound Assessments. They will not, however, be able to edit them.